Your Open Book (.org)

23 May

So I’m trying out that site,, and it’s hilarious…well depending on what you search. First I typed in “john waters” and everyone had ‘The Creep’ by the Lonely Island uploaded and he’s in the beginning and the end of it. They probably don’t even know who he is. So next I typed in “penis” to see what weirdo statuses I’d find. I found some jokes that were funny, “As I stepped out of the shower, the Mrs laughed and told me that my penis closely resembled a tic-tac. ‘If that’s the case,’ I joked, ‘why does your sister still have bad breath?’’ That soon wiped the fucking grin off her face…..!!!!! Lol x.” people are weirdoes…well in this case most of the hits were men, so in this case, men are weirdoes. I would never think to put a vagina joke up as my status! Where do they get these ideas? And just for a test I typed in “vagina” and still got mostly men. The only women I saw looked like they were advertising for porn or something, so they don’t count. Next I tried “hangover” I wanted to see if I’d get the movie and/or the noun and by what genres. Well I got a mix of both- women, men, movie, and noun. It’s a pretty interesting site, especially if you’re bored. And I would think that if maybe you were in marketing and you tried typing in “sprite” or something it may come in handy, but otherwise I really see no point to this site except to wait your time.


Facebook Affecting Journalism

23 May

Journalism is like the news; it’s all about the NOW! Well you don’t get much more now than social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. But journalism is also about detail, so how much detail can you get 140 characters on Twitter? I think it’s been a big cycle that has been building up to right now. MySpace started, Facebook pretty much copied it’s best parts and made it’s own site. Then Twitter took that one aspect of Facebook and made it their whole site and while that is happening, Twitter is becoming more and more legitimate and being taken more seriously because of it’s links to social caused and the like. So back to the 140 characters, that’s not very many, it’s like a sentence in a half. But Facebook doesn’t have a limit, if it does, you’d have to write more than necessary to fill it. You can put in more detail, tag lots of people, and get your message across. But Facebook statuses weren’t always like this, I think Twitter has to steal that concept for them to one up Twitter and they did. So to this day I still don’t really see the point of Twitter. Facebook is a better usage for journalists because you have more space to write what you need to, there are groups that everyone can join into, and you get your point across. And that is the main reason to do all this.

How Do I Feel About Facebook..?

23 May


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HEY! Journalists…use your skills, please! (late make-up entry)

23 May

Why journalists need to understand, acknowledge, and use social media tools and strategies. Aren’t they though? I never thought that they weren’t. Obviously not all journalism use social media tools and strategies, but the main ones and the good one I would think use them. Every time you write in a blog, that’s a tool right? But maybe they don’t because they don’t totally understand what they are, and how can you acknowledge something if you don’t fully understand it? When I think of social media tools, I think of blogs and social networking sites and the like. Is there something I’m missing? I feel like my answer may be 2D, but I’ll admit, I’m not the best person to ask when it comes to topic such as social media. Being a student of it, there is still a lot I have yet to learn. And as far as strategies goes…what strategies? Ways to get your name out there? Or something more along the line of having a good flow when writing? As you can see, I’m still rather confused on the subject.

How Social Media Has Changed the World (late make-up entry)

23 May

If you look back 20 years ago, it seemed like everything took forever to get out. Now with all the smart phones and blogs, you can’t do anything without it being plastered everywhere as soon as it happens. And because of cell phones and the internet the world has changed and evolved, I guess for the better. When things change as drastically as they have since I was born 22 years ago, things have gotten easier but also harder at the same time. There’s a dichotomy of ease and stressfulness at the same time. And I think that’s normal with any big change. Things are easier to post. Things are more complicated now, like if you’re using a software program you don’t understand. The biggest example I can think of for this would be the Egyptian riots/protests that happened a couple of months ago. If that had happened 20 years ago, we would have had to wait for the news to come and and tell us what was happening. But now with Twitter, you didn’t even need the news because the news was on Twitter and it was updating itself even more so than the actual news. And then on top of that the news was getting a lot of it story and feedback from Twitter accounts. That’s such a weird concept, and now because of that, Twitter has gained a new following, the news media.

Who am I and What am I Doing Here? (makeup late work)

23 May

Who am I? I’m Suki van Arsdale. And what am I doing here? You tell me. I needed one last class to get my AA in Humanities from Laney and out of all the classes that fit my final requirement, this sounded the most interesting. And I think I did make the right choice, despite the fact that I’m being in some of my homework. It’s not for lack of interested, it’s from lack of wanting to do homework. I’ve always found journalism interesting, and I’ve learned a lot since being in this class, primarily having to do with networking sites (LinkedIn, WordPress, Twitter). So I think when I walk away from this class there will definitely be a new chunk of knowledge in my brain left especially for the online aspect of communicating. I’ve never communicated this much online in my entire life, especially not with this much meaning; usually my online conversations aren’t about much. I’ve also never used Divine in so many ways, she my avatar on this site and I just made that Facebook page staring Divine. I need to come up with new drag-queen-muses.

Wrap Up of My Semester as a Journalist

23 May

1.     The first thing I want to say that I learned is about all these new websites. The main one being WordPress. I never had a blog before, so that was new to me.

2.     How to start a blog and how easy it actually is.

3.     Everyone has a voice, it’s been pretty apparent with all the articles that I’ve read over the course of this semester.

4.     I found out that people were using Twitter to communicate what was happening during the riots and protests in Egypt a couple months back.

5.     I learned how to get my point across in 140 characters.

6.     When I am ready to go into my career, a website that I had never heard of LinkedIn, may help.

7.     There are too many articles and blogs in the world, but at the same time there could be way more considering how many people live on earth.

8.     I should stick to my filmmaking because there are a lot more people out there with a more knowledgeable opinion (in some cases).

9.     I think the thing I took away from this is probably the notion that I don’t really think I would make a good journalist. I have terrible spelling and I can’t write for too long because I loose concentration.

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Why are there so few female directors in cinema?

23 May

Cannes Film Festival just happened in France this past week and a record number of female directors came in for the “Palme d’Or” (top prize), four. Four out of twenty is the highest record of all time (1946) for the top prize. I’m proud that we finally broke a record, but at the same time 20% is not enough! It’s always been pretty obvious that there isn’t that many women in top positions on the film crew anytime you look at the Golden Globes or the Oscars, but why is that? Watching the credits of any movie, there are a lot of women working the crew, but why are none of them in the top billings (beside actress). And last year was the first time ever in all of the 82 years it’s been going that the best director went to Kathryn Bigelow, a woman (obviously). So back to Cannes, last year all the nominations for the Palme d’Or were men, so this is an improvement, but it’s still not good enough. Lynne Ramsay, a British director, was asked this question and responded, “Let’s be clear – men don’t like having a woman on their back, and someone who is younger than them . . . they feel unmanned, manipulated, judged. Whereas if it is a man at the helm, they feel simply that they are being directed.” She later went in to say that she’s never been a victim to overt sexism, but when a man is directing/in charge “they can be seen as artistic and creative and having huge integrity, whereas women can be seen as difficult and problematic.” Same old, same old. But director Penny Woolcock thinks it’s a different story. “She describes directing as a ‘brutal’ regime, requiring a monomaniac attention to the project before and after filming, and a shoot that requires its director to be on set 12 hours a day, six days a week.” And that when we have kids, we want to be able to be more involved than that schedule would let us. So if we are a director, we’ve either had kids young or never get around to having them at all. I’m not really sure how I feel about either statement. I guess I agree with both? I mean I can’t imagine being pregnant and having to run a whole film crew around? But I also feel like that can’t be the excuse. So then is sexism the excuse? What age are we living in that all these cro-mags are running around controlling things? I don’t feel like it works that way either. Maybe it’s a little of both, or I’m just being young and naive. I personally want to direct horror films, a genre that is really male oriented. So when I hear about already accomplished female directors talking about this, it just makes me want it even more. I want to show those boys that I can be just as creative and gross as them! I’ve done my homework; I know what I’m doing just as much as they know what they’re doing.

So what’s really the difference? Because all this seems like bullshit to me. GROW UP!!!

How Social Media is Covering OBL’s Death

6 May

I think that main topic right now with OBL’s death is that everyone wants to see the death photos, including me. The gov’t likes to hide things from us, etc, etc…so I really wanna see these photos. And then they pushed the body into the ocean? There really is no solid evidence for us that he really is dead, besides what the gov’t is telling us. I’m not saying I don’t believe them, I was just to see the proof for myself too. If you go online, you can find morgue picture of anyone, even Saddam execution photos. So why is OBL so different? So because Obama is saying he’s not going to release them, there was that one circulating that did look really real. Photoshop is an amazing thing. Well all this just seems to be the biggest story right now. Anything else you find online about the death is people rejoicing and celebrating. Most of the articles are videos of how people feel etc.

How I Learned Osam-a-was-a-Gone-a

6 May

I never get enough sleep, so of course I was napping. I think I fell asleep somewhere around 6:30 PM and I had planned on waking up at 8PM to watch the season finale of America’s Next Great Restaurant in NBC. So when I awoke I turned on the TV for channel 11 and I saw Brian Williams talking about some breaking news, and it was that Bin Laden had been shot and killed. I was shocked to say the least, it’s an interesting way to wake up. Then i felt joy. I’m completely against the death penalty, I feel like being locked in solitary confinement for the rest of your life should be the death penalty, lethal injection seems like the easy way out…but anyways back to Bin Laden, that fucker deserved to die. I also don’t believe in Hell (or Heaven for that fact) but if there is/was a Hell, he’d be on the first fucking VIP list in. Then after all that set in, I was kind of pissed because Obama was taking forever to give his address and I wanted to hear it, but I really wanted to watch my fucking show that was having it’s season finale as we speak. I thought the speech was good. He didn’t really have a lot to say length wise, he kept it short and sweet. And then luckily all that ended just in time for Celebrity Apprentice to start. I think Trump had something to do with that timing, lol. I didn’t really follow up after. You can’t always trust the news, but on something like this I feel I can so I just left the topic alone after the news was done, also in part because i wanted to watch Apprentice. Then I went on Facebook after and everyone was posting that he was dead…well NO SHIT! ZOMG! Like you’re the first person to inform us he’s dead? Doubtful. I wrote a little something about how the war should really end now, we got the asshole we were looking for. Then I watched the 11PM news and then went to sleep.